5 Steps to Success

5 Steps to Success

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This 5 video series is absolutely packed with tried and test information on building a High Performance Personal Training business, all delivered by GSquared Group CEO - Andy McGlynn.  
The difference in really breaking through in Personal Training and the struggle is knowing the process that can be considered a generalised set of steps that every PT product or service unfolds through. Whether the PT is aware or not, these 5 steps are the route to creating a client base.  
Becoming more consciously aware of these 5 Steps helps you to raise your awareness on how well you execute them, and more importantly, knowing the best way to conduct each one will make the difference in a client signing up with you or telling you they’ll ‘think about it’. The Return on Investment (ROI) on this particular course both financially and time-wise is almost immediate.  

Why We Love 5 Steps
You’ll be able to utilise the newly learned processes straight away and it really does work. The great thing about these 5 Steps is that you can personalise the process to your own style and develop it as time goes on. 

Why choose us?

Lead by Successful Personal Trainers

GSquared Academy is directed by a team of qualified Personal Trainers who have independently grown high performing businesses in the arena of health and fitness. You're safe in the hands of a team that have lived what they teach and know how to best support you at the various stages of your journey.

Industry Leading Courses

Our courses are tailored to include additional modules that give you the insights you'll need to get successful quickly. Step by step tutorials on how to reach the level we call High Performance is an integral part of the learner journey we've created at GSA, and this is far beyond the basic content that's usually included in a Level 3 Diploma.

G Squared Academy
What Makes us Different?

Our courses will stretch you much further than the industry standard by gifting you with awareness raising information that very few PT’s get access to throughout their entire career.   

With our solid, established and incomparable track record, we will give you the inside track, helping you to assert yourself as a PT and not just survive but really thrive in your new found career and calling.


It can be scary making a big commitment financially, not least to start a new career or enhance an existing one to the next level. We wanted to give you reassurance about your decision to study with us, and we're so confident that you will be blown away with the support, insights and most importantly the diversified knowledge you will get from our qualifications, that if you're not 100% satisfied, you'll get your money back. You're either going to be delighted with the investment you have just made in yourself by choosing us to get you through your studies, or we will give you your money back up to the 60th day of working through your course.