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As an aspiring Personal Trainer, who you choose to study with can make all the difference for your new career - from the quality of the content to the post-course support, we pride ourselves on delivering the most supportive starting point using tried and tested strategies created by GSquared CEO, Andy McGlynn.

The GSquared Academy is one of the only Education providers that is created and lead by managers, mentors and leaders of successful Personal Trainers. As the education and research department that supports our prestigious GSquared Health Clubs, we set extraordinary as our minimum standard.

You will benefit from our extensive experience spanning over two decades, which has been packed into our range of home-study courses. If you've been searching for the best entry route into the Personal Training industry, you're in the right place. 

Want to become a PT? You're in the right place...

Not all PT Diplomas are the same.  Our High Performance PT Diploma truly leads the field in giving you the best possible chance of success with it’s added High Performance element.

This additional rendering of the standard level 3 will gives you insights of assessment methods, advanced holistic protocols, programme design structure and cutting edge selling strategies, all of which give you an advantage over existing Personal Trainers.

Introducing You To Any Gym Chain

Many Education companies showcase their partnership with various gym chains, we are connected to all of them and we can introduce you to any chain you are thinking of working with, or we can assist you should you be looking to set up independently.

Glowing Testimonial

When you complete your studies in our High Performance programme you will receive a powerful and glowing testimonial that you can add in to your portfolio to showcase to your clients and for any interview or role that you go up for.

Connecting You To The Industry

With our connections and partnerships to many of the worlds most prestigious institutions and forward thinking companies, we will bring the global fitness industry to your doorstep and introduce you to companies that can really help you to progress with secondary revenue opportunities, advanced certifications and equipment providers.

High Performance Personal Training Diploma
Regular price £875.00 or make it affordable with 4 x instalments of £247
Monthly Instalments of £247

If you're here to get into Personal Training, this course will give you the best possible start. With this combined diploma, you will attain your Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certification and your Level 3 Personal Training Certification, and you'll also achieve a High Performance certification created and trademarked by GSquared Academy, making sure you gain instant credibility with your clients and colleagues when you hit the ground running in your new career.

You can't get this level of certification from any other provider as the High Performance module was created by our team of industry leading PT's, and trademarked to safeguard the intel for our students.

This course is designed to give you every possible chance of living your dream job without the need to make any compromises - study around commitments at a pace that suits you, manage your finances with flexible payment options and gain the highest level of certification on the market created by industry experts who've lived what they teach - all for an incredibly affordable price. By taking our diplomas fully online, we've been able to offer an even more cost effective option for both one-time payments or a more affordable pay-monthly instalment option.

Getting into Personal Training

There's never been a better time to get into the fitness industry. Why? Because the volume is turned up higher than ever before on the importance of health, wellbeing and long-term vitality. If you're ready to start helping others with this incredibly rewarding career, your starting point is within our 'Get Qualified' range of courses, starting from Level 2 Fitness Instructing to the industry leading High Performance Personal Training Diploma which is only available through G Squared Academy.

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As a newly qualified, aspiring or even current practicing Personal Trainer, it’s imperative you start to really begin thinking like a business person.

Free rent or cheap rent does not have any direct correlation in your ability to build a PT business.  I’ll let that sink in for a second…

Learn Something New. This is probably the most powerful thing you can do.  Learn something new, it ensures you keep delivering new and deeper content to your clients, and aids toward client retention as well as the enhanced motivation levels.  It’s also the biggest justification for increasing your prices each year too. 
‘Alkalising the body’ is probably too broad brush for us to develop the understanding of this area.  There are different key systems and parts of the body that require different pH levels.
Flexibility and Mobility can often be overlooked by coaches within a strength and conditioning program with generic warm ups on cardiovascular machines or bodyweight warm ups including some stretches being favoured and very little emphasis being put on flexibility or mobility as a separate component or session.  
What is that enables clients to reach their goals? Realistic goals, effective programming, regular reviews and the adherence of the individual are probably top of the list, but what about your coaching style? 
There are over 9.7 million fitness members in the UK meaning that 1 in 7 people is a member of one of the UK’s 7,038 gyms. The fitness industry now has an estimated total market value of £4.9billion. With these figures, it’s no surprise that working in the industry has become more popular.

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